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Tree Care Tips

Some people are surprised to learn that trees require a reasonable amount of care, especially if they are saplings or were recently transplanted. To make it more complicated, each tree is slightly different and will have a unique watering schedule and its own disease susceptibility. Luckily, professionals like our team at Anderson’s Tree Service can help you with tree care and make the process seem incredibly straightforward.

Follow Watering Advice For Tree Care

One of the most important parts of tree care is knowing when and how much to water it. When you first plant a sapling or transplant a tree, Anderson’s Tree Service will give you guidelines as to how much water it needs and how often to water it. You should follow these tree care guidelines as they ensure your plant gets enough water to grow and thrive. If you plant a tree yourself, you can get watering information for that particular species online or even ask us. When watering your trees and other plants, always try to do so at night if possible. If that isn’t an option, do so early in the morning well before the sun comes up. Watering at these times gives the water the best chance of soaking into the soil and roots before it begins to evaporate because of the hot sun, making it a crucial part of tree care.

Tree Care By Fertilizing And Stimulating The Roots

As with watering, you should get tree care guidelines for fertilizing your new tree and stimulating its roots when you first have it planted. New trees will need a root stimulator about once a month for the first six months. Fertilizer can typically help if it is applied in April and August as this is perfect timing for it to stimulate growth.

Applying Mulch As Tree Care

Regardless of the type of tree you have, adding mulch to it can be a great idea, particularly in Plano. Mulching is a part of tree care that helps retain moisture while improving soil structure, temperature, and oxygen levels. The result is that your trees thrive with minimal effort on your part.

Don’t Skip Pruning During Tree Care

You may think that once your tree reaches adulthood, tree care is no longer important but this is not the case. You should still have your tree pruned regularly as this will help it stay strong. Anderson’s Tree Service can prune away dead, damaged, or diseased branches and also help control the growth of the tree with pruning.

Tree Care Involves Protecting From Construction

If you have trees on your property and are planning a home improvement project, follow tree care expert’s advice. You may want to have our professionals visit before construction begins to install fencing or other protective elements around the tree. At the very least, make sure the tree and its roots are protected and won’t be in the way of your contractors.

Know When To Call A Tree Care Professional

Most of the time, you can handle tree care yourself. You should still know, however, when you need to call in the experts. If your tree isn’t growing like it normally does or you notice it seems to be declining in health or have an infestation, call Anderson’s Tree Service. We can figure out what is wrong with your tree and correct the problem thanks to our years of experience and training.

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