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Tree Pruning Most people don’t think of pruning their larger trees until an issue arises, but pruning these plants can be just as important as trimming your hedges. That doesn’t mean you have to take out a large pair of shears and take care of the job yourself. Instead of climbing a tree to prune it or wondering how to trim your hedges, hire Anderson’s Tree Service to take care of the job for you. Our clients ask for pruning services for a wide range of reasons and we are always happy to oblige.

Tree Pruning For Aesthetic Reasons

When it comes to ornamental trees, shrubs, and hedges, many people hire our team at Anderson’s Tree Service for pruning their hedges and create a particular shape. They may simply want their bushes to appear as a well-trimmed circle or want a fancier design. Pruned trees and shrubs look better as they are orderly and presentable. In addition to actually cutting away branches or twigs on the plant that aren’t in the spots we want, strategic pruning can train young trees to grow in a particular way, reducing the need to prune in the future.

Tree Pruning To Maintaining Tree Health

Pruning trees also plays a key role in keeping them healthy. The most obvious situation would be in the case of a dead, diseased, or infested branch. If a portion of your tree has a pest infestation, we can sometimes prune away that area and save the rest of the tree. Other times, a tree’s branch will die, posing a safety risk as it can easily fall off and injure someone. In this case, we will trim it back to protect you and your loved ones. We can also prune away branches that have been damaged by storms. When done correctly, pruning can even encourage your trees to grow more fruits or flowers.

Tree Pruning Makes Room For Parking And More

Sometimes, Anderson’s Tree Service has to trim back a portion of a tree to make room for other things on your property. A common example is a tree that hangs too low above your driveway. In this case, we can trim back the overhanging branches so there is no risk of them getting in the way of your car or scratching it. We can also trim back branches that are getting too close to power lines and posing a safety risk.

Knowing When And How Before Pruning

Because of our years of experience and training, the team at Anderson’s Tree Service knows the proper way of pruning trees and shrubs. You have to make the cuts on the trees at strategic locations and the task gets the best results if you do it at a certain time of the year. For example, you should almost never consider pruning your trees during fall since the wounds will take longer to heal. Instead of wondering when to prune your trees and where to make the cuts or worrying about climbing a tall ladder for pruning higher branches, let the team at Anderson’s Tree Service take care of it for you. Call or email us today to learn more and get a free estimate.

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