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Landscaping Maintenance and Design Landscaping is a crucial part of your property as it gives a first impression when neighbors, guests, or someone else walks by. Landscaping is simply the act of manipulating the land to create a more useful and aesthetically pleasing area, but creating a landscaped property is not as easy as you may think. It can involve making serious changes to the terrain, adding trees, and caring for everything. Regardless of the type of landscaping you need done, Anderson’s Tree Service can assist you.

The Most Common Landscaping Services

As part of our landscaping services, the team at Anderson’s Tree Service can perform an incredible range of tasks on your property. We can get your property ready for landscaping, plan out your custom design, implement the design, and then help you maintain it. Common preparation services include designing flower beds, tilling soil for your flowerbeds, and installing trees and shrubs. We can also do landscape-related construction, such as creating a custom walkway or a stone wall. To finish creating your ideal landscape, our team can help plant grass and other plants onto your property. Our landscaping services extend after the initial design planning and installation as we help you maintain your aesthetically pleasing property. We can help you fertilize your plants, create grading on your property, prune back your trees and shrubs, and even remove stumps from fallen trees.

Why You Want A Landscaping Professional

You could technically landscape your property by yourself without any professional help. You could create the plans yourself, buy the plants, install them, and then care for them. In most cases, however, the results will simply not be as good. Thanks to our years of experience, the team at Anderson’s Tree Service knows exactly which plants thrive in Plano and what types of landscaping designs work well in the area. We are familiar with the unique soil and water needs of the area, which allows us to make expert recommendations of plants that will do well. As professionals, we also know how to find the highest-quality plants to put on your property, increasing their chances of thriving. We even know their watering requirements and the best way to plant them. There is no risk of damaging a tree or shrub during planting if it is done by a professional, but the same can’t be said if you do it yourself. Working with a professional, like our team at Anderson’s Tree Service, for your landscaping needs is just a smart decision. You will have fewer things to worry about since we will take care of everything for you. Just let us know what you want and approve our landscaping design and we will do the rest.

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Whether you need help with a small landscaping project or have a larger property that requires landscaping, our team at Anderson’s Tree Service can help. Call or send us an email and you will get a prompt response along with a free estimate. We want you to be completely satisfied with your landscaping design, which is why we will work with you every step of the way.


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